Sunday, March 1, 2009

Beloved Dick Jokes

'A Jew, a Muslim and a Priest walk into a bar. The bartender is an enormous bulging dick. Very confused the three aforementioned individuals decide to go to another bar.'

‘An aging Richard Nixon, long out of office, shares a drink with his old Vice President Gerald Ford. ‘You know Ford, I never really realized why they called me ‘Tricky Dick’.’ Ford sighed to himself and glanced morosely at the president. ‘I guess they thought you were a dick’. ‘Ah’, muttered Nixon and the pair stared silently into the edge of the ocean.’

'A young man is planning to ask his girlfriend to marry him that evening under the stars. Unfortunately his dick fell off in the shower. He will have to wait another day.'

'Two dicks go to the carnival. They have a pretty good time, unfortunatley one of them lost their wallet on the tilt-a-whirl. This tainted the rest of the evening.'

‘A penis slipped on a banana peel. It came everywhere. It was moderately sexy.’

‘A young man is eagerly giving his male friend a blowjob. ‘This isn’t gay, is it?’, he asks, a tinge of worry in his voice. The other gentleman thinks for a moment and answers ‘you know what! I guess it is!’ Somewhere an aging dog silently breathes her last breath and falls into eternal slumber.’


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