Monday, March 2, 2009

Things that sound like grundle

Hi Laughkateers! In the spirit of anatomical haha's, I am here to tell you a story.
I only recently learned the word "grundle". While visiting UConn, a rather large business major stomped down my boyfriend's hall and yelled "IT'S HOT AS GRUNDLE IN HERE." I spent the rest of the weekend asking said boyfriend what the hell that meant. He was too grossed out to tell me. A quick web search when I got home led me to this definition. Ew! But also, hilarious! Now that I know the word grundle, I hear it everywhere. Did you ever notice how many words there are in the English language that sound like grundle? Obviously not. Here's a list.

1. Grendel
You know, Beowulf's nemisis:
(Pictured here as seen by Cathlolics) Grendel probably smelled as bad as a grundel. But he was significantly more active. You know what's worse? There's a restaurant in Harvard Square called Grendel's Den. I think my mental association will prevent me from eating there.

2. Grundo
Perhaps this is a reference lost on many readers, but it's true.The Grundo is a Neopet. The worst part is when a Brown Grundo is mentioned.

3. The Grundel
Not the thing! The Ghostbusters cartoon ghost!
I don't know if anyone else remembers this cartoon. It was originally made in the later 80s, and was rerun on a number of channels throughout the 90s (I watched it on Nickelodeon). It was also the reason why Slimer was on our orange flavored Hi-C juice boxes for so long. The Grundel was pretty much a child molestor. He had all kinds of lines about taking children away. One such memorable line: "So fresh, so pure, but not for long." That's some messed up shit. I wonder if grundel was a slang word for a taint when he was created? Who knows. His face kind of looks like one.

Ok, so really there are only three examples that I can think of. But it was three more than you were thinking of just now, I can guarentee you that! Leave me comment if you think of anything else. Stay tuned for more irrelevant musings from the Hyena crew!

EDIT: How is it that I forgot the Gromble? Thank you indeed Alex!
He was the teacher on Aah! Real Monsters!, another Nickelodeon classic. They seem to like characters with grundley names there. What does this say about the network?!?!?!


  1. I am ashamed that I remember the Grundio.
    They weren't my style.
    I had a Shoyru.

  2. I, too, was all about Gelerts. And Lupes, I think.

  3. Fools! You've forgotten the Gromble!