Thursday, April 2, 2009

What I learned in Hyena today

9/11 jokes are offensive.

Jon likes to get drunk, wear women's clothing, and then make people watch him poop.

In Russia, Pokemon catch you.

Merril was obviously a very unpopular African American in the segregated South.

Dan is a dick when it comes to Pokemon (Mewtwo uses Splash!)

The new axis of evil is Molly, Hitler, and the Shamwow guy.


  1. Honestly, I wasn't offended by Molly's article.

    Then again I'm not American.

    Excuse me while I go make love to my robot husband.

  2. Molly's article was awesome in its own special way. Someday, we should post it here.

  3. And Jon doesn't make *everyone* watch him poop. Some of us volunteer...

  4. If anyone ever played KoToR... There was a woman on the Bob Fett type peoples' planet who made you go find her robot husband because he was lost. Turns out he ran away because she kept trying to fuck him. Just saying.

  5. That might be the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me.

    And yes, drooling fans - the entirety of the 9/11 article as well as the delightful, full-color Photoshop will be appearing on these hallowed pages because, supposedly, there are people with "feelings" that will be offended by it.

    It went over like wildfire with my friends last night, but they are soulless people who drink to fill the gaping void in their lives.

  6. Fuck.
    I'm logged into the Hyena account, aren't I?

    I am tireless working for your benefit, people.

    - Molly

  7. She talks in the voice of Terbush, she does!

  8. Can we include "blowjob while pooping" to be one of the characteristics of a Rubinton?

    Everybody gets one.