Saturday, July 18, 2009

The New Trix Swirls!

First, allow me to apologize for posting a link to YTMND on this blog. I made it. I am only doing this because my video-editing skills are not good enough to make it for realsies. Just watch my animated .gif synched with sound and suspend your disbelief, then return for discussion.

If you watch Nickelodeon at all, you have seen this commercial. If you haven't, here is a link. I need to ask you all a question: What were they thinking in casting?! This is a commercial which implies swirling two colors together--why didn't they think of that when they cast one black kid and one white kid? This is hilarious!

My theory is that they originally set out to make the joke that I did in the above YTMND. PR saw the thing and immediately said how "totally fucking racist" it was. The director argued that it "really isn't so racist", because black people's skin is one color and white people's skin is another. PR fired him, but kept the intellectual rights to his idea. He went home to his wife and had to tell her the bad news: he'd lost another childrens' cereal commercial job to his edgy artistic vision.


  1. silly kids, riding the white rabbit. either that or Trix swirls are LSD

  2. Oh Hana, you missed the joke entirely.

    That commercial is funny because, realistically, a black kid and a white kid would NEVER eat breakfast together.

    That idea is as crazy as a drug trip.