Thursday, March 19, 2009

What I Learned at Hyena Comedy

The Simpsons did it.

The best kind of gay sex involves running, yelling, and penis collisions.

The Onion did it.

Sounding is the new Rubinton.

In the future poop will poop people (or, poop will people people).

A 1970's Stretch Armstrong is worth exactly as much as Hyena Comedy (decide which one is more entertaining).

Jon had a black penis inside him last week (in his penis).

A several knives in a severed penis is better than one knife in your penis.

Washington Monument not actually a penis.



  1. that's harsh. we're worth at least the hulk version of stretch armstrong.

  2. Sometimes I find myself subconciously imitating the Simpsons as I'm living my day to day life.

    The other day I jumped over Springfield Gorge. Apparently Simpsons did it!

  3. This is a step forward people - liveblogging our own meetings! Now if only we weren't the only ones reading this blog...