Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Welcome Actual Readers

Hello chuckle loving masses, we are glad to have received you, your laugh organs, no doubt all wrinkled and shivering from the chuckles you've received from dangerous exposure to the Greatest Educational Document produced by man, 'Hy Times'.

On our blog, you will see everything from horrific outtakes, to musings, to the 'craft of the month' (courtesy of Hana). This is like, you know when you finish a bowl of cereal, and you look in, and you see a portal to a universe filled with constantly refilling, hyperlinked and properly formatted cereal bowls? Well this is something like that. 

Here are a couple of my personal favorite entries:

Anything I missed? Comment on the post and I'll add it. In anywhoo, welcome one and all. Your comments are appreciated here, and any mention of comic books will result in a wacky argument with this blog's 'beloved' nerd members. Except for the mysterious entity known as 'Chopper Dave', the blogs tend to be signed by the writer in the tags. And remember. Throughout it all, chuckles live on and on. AND ON.

And, by the by, I just want to congratulate Hyena on getting its first Evvy nomination for Hy Times. Although we rub our chins in thought at what to do now, we will simply quote Abraham Lincoln from his speech at Gettysburg: 'WOOOOOOOOO!'

P.S.: There was a 9/11 Entry by Molly Coombs in Hy Times deemed TOO OFFENSIVE to print on paper, and we've decided that only the more resilient format of the INTERNET could handle it. 

Let's hope to see it on here soon.

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  1. I'm disheartened to discover that more things aren't tagged with "Molly's 9/11 Adventures."

    I guess that's my job - offering scintillating rundowns of how I've spent Patriot Day for the last eight years.

    Expect titties.